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CAS-HIAU attended 2015 Anhui province energy saving publicity week and Low Carbon Day activity site
Author : CAS-HIAU   Time : 2015-06-19

        On the morning of June 13, the 2015 Anhui Provincial energy-saving publicity week and Low Carbon Day activity launching ceremony was held in the provincial government building by the provincial Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of finance, the provincial authority sponsored, provincial public sector energy conservation office, the provincial government building management center hosted. Provincial deputy secretary general, secretary of the provincial tube, the provincial reception office director Wang Xueyin announced start of the energy saving publicity week activities, the provincial development and Reform Commission deputy director Hu Zaisheng, deputy director of the Provincial Bureau of tube Xu Bin, respectively  gave a speech. As the president of energy-saving and new energy vehicle charging pile enterprise ,CAS-HIAU was invited to attend the ceremony.

          According to the national unified deployment, from June 13 to June 19 is 25th national energy-saving publicity week, the theme is "energy-saving and thrift are virtue", June 15 is the third national low carbon day, the theme is "low carbon city, livable and sustainable", which is aimed at calling up all walks of life to participate in energy-saving and carbon reduction action,   to popularize ecological civilization concept, and to spread knowledge, promote the formation of a green production lifestyles, build social custom of advocating energy conservation, green consumption and low carbon and environmental protection. It is understood, during energy saving publicity week, the energy-saving publicity week and low carbon activity launching ceremony will be held; ecological civilization construction theme report will be held ; print and  distribute posters、low carbon day warm prompt and energy-saving publicity materials; set up theme publicity signs in public places; made energy-saving knowledge panels and carry on tour;  to organize new energy vehicles in provincial units tour; run the province's public institutions energy saving network and other activities. This morning, reporters saw the 80 pieces of policies and regulations, energy saving knowledge publicity boards and 12 new energy vehicles and charging pile show at the ceremony site.


        CAS-HIAU attended the activity site carrying its latest distributed integrated DC charging pile and wall mounted AC charging pile products, showing the latest achievements made in energy conservation and environmental protection and new energy, presenting our low energy low carbon road to the community. Period, a lot of environmentalist and business representatives consulted and understood the latest technology and application of the series of charging piles products, expressed appreciation for our products. CAS-HIAU know very well that saving energy and reducing carbon is not blitz, but a protracted war,  the road to our energy-saving carbon reduction is still a long way to go.

        This year is the "Twelfth Five Year" energy-saving work last year, energy saving task is heavy. CAS-HIAU will always bear the mission "contribute to the green China and science engineering and let the striver to create value in the growth", and strive to its pilot and demonstration to promote the province's green low-carbon development cycle, to promote the whole province  green low carbon development play a leading role, to achieve a win-win economic development and energy-saving and cost- reducing.


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